This site serves as portfolio/infodump for all things me.

I am Brian Level and I write about myself in the first-person. I have attempted to write normal, third-person, bios in the past, but, they’ve always fallen flat.
Quick background; I’m from a ruralish area of northern Ohio. Went to college and didn’t finish. got married and religious (not in that order). moved to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.
Now; I draw. All of the time. My official credentials include: High-School Diploma. Along side of this I have been a professional tattooer for nearly a decade and am a published comic inker. I have illustrated for car-shows, designed company logos and promotional materials, illustrated/colored/lettered comics, created album art and merchandise of musicians, had pinups published, done concept-art, played/toured in a heavy-metal band, and made a short-film. If I’ve left any ventures out, I apologize.
I have been a career artist for 9 years. TATTOOS and COMICS are in my blood. I will do them until I die. Unless I lose my hands or mind or whatever…

— Brian Level Elsmere, Kentucky 2012


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